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My name is Stephen Millard

I am an IT Professional

I help people achieve amazing things with technology.

About About

I am an IT Professional

I have over two decades of experience in a variety of IT roles across a number of sectors.

I am a Coordinator

I have held numerous lead and management positions in several organisations. In addition I have qualifications in support, project and programme management, as well as executive coaching.

I am a Technology Enthusiast

In my spare time I enjoy helping others with their technology and automation issues, as well as writing and creating my own content around these areas. I contribute regularly to a number of forums and have been interviewed on the topic.

I am a Volunteer

I have spent many years studying and teaching martial arts as a volunteer instructor, mainly within the York (UK) area. I also regularly help out with my local scout group.

Testimonials Testimonials

Expertise Expertise

SAP Technologies

  • Certified in SuccessFactors Learning.
  • Employee Central Service Centre.
  • SuccessFactors Foundation, SAP Activate, SAP Fieldglass, integration, etc.
  • Certifications in Visualization Solutions by Nakisa and Darwin.


  • Experienced in management in a variety of IT areas including support and development projects.
  • Certified in ITIL.
  • Certified in Prince2.
  • Certified in MSP.
  • Certified in Executive Business Coaching.


  • Experience of coding in over two dozen languages.
  • Development on client-server, mainframe, web and midrange architectures.
  • Worked to a variety of development approaches.
  • Experienced technical consultant and solution designer.


  • Experienced in both technical and non-technical writing.
  • Published numerous items of public content online.
  • Experienced in the delivery of workshops, sales and training sessions.
  • Conducted in person and online presentations.
  • In depth knowledge of business communications technologies.
  • Interested in digital and social communication and marketing.

IT Systems

  • Software development, configuration and integration.
  • Hardware support and maintenance including on premise and mobile.
  • Systems administration including cloud and on premise.
  • Familiar with a wide variety of end user applications, databases, networking, and IT specialist applications.
  • Hold ECDL and Google qualifications.

Contributions Contributions


As well as sharing interesting posts and insights via my LinkedIn Profile, I also write articles. These are sometimes related to my current work, and sometimes more general interests.


I've been blogging and sharing useful content from my personal web site for over a decade. It is mainly focused on productivity, technology and automation, but I also occasionally post my thoughts and insights on other topics too.

Educational YouTube Channel

I have a YouTube channel and website where I freely share micro-learning tutorials to help people learn and master applications.


I occasionally share useful code and content via my public GitHub repositories. I also have many additional repositories that I use for my own private projects.

Drafts Library

A personal project that has helped many people get more from the app Drafts, available on Apple platforms. It is a collection of JavaScript code, which is also used extensively in my popular suite of Drafts action groups.

Doctor Drafts

Another personal project helping Mac users get more from the app Drafts. A complex and comprehensive Alfred app workflow and documentation that enables an unprecedented level of integration with the Drafts app.

Experience Experience

Skills & Training Skills & Training

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Contact Contact

For professional requests (only), you can contact me through the social media or e-mail links in the footer on each page.

Unrelated communications such as sales pitches or queries about my other sites and projects will not be responded to via these channels.