Technical Consultant

Technical Consultant


Stephen Millard

August 1, 2005

Norwich Union

Technical Consultant

Organisation: Norwich Union Life1

Period: August 2005 - December 2005


Trouble shooter for all teams that required support from the highest levels of technical expertise in the organisation. Specialising in client/server and midrange systems.

Called upon to advise and deliver on existing systems, new projects and in critical response teams for addressing critical issue scenarios.


One of approximately twenty staff chosen from across an IT department of over one and a half thousand to act as technical experts capable of joining existing teams or forming new teams and quickly delivering solutions to any technical requirement that arose. This ranged from helping architects and designers in working out the technical elements of delivering new functionality through to working with the service desk, infrastructure and applications support teams to provide workaround and root cause eradication on the most serious systems issues.

Skill Set:

  • Analysing significant and technically complex issues across a broad range of platforms.
  • Systems design incorporating strategic planning.
  • Provision of complex and detailed (but accessible) technical documentation.

  1. General Accident underwent a merger in 1998 and became part of CGU. CGU underwent a merger in 2000 and became part of Norwich Union. 

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