Senior Analyst Developer

Senior Analyst Developer


Stephen Millard

January 1, 2000

CGU Life

Senior Analyst Developer, TMU

Organisation: CGU Life / Norwich Union Life1

Period: January 2000 - September 2000 / October 2000 - April 2003


Development and support of the TMU systems across multiple geographic call centres operating not only for the Life company, but also for partners such as TESCO and the RBS group.

Also became a representative on the Intranet Steering group.


End to end development and support of client server based telemarketing systems. This encompassed the entire development and life cycle from business analysis through systems design, systems development, testing (unit/system/integration/user/commission), training (end user and technical), support and review. The peak user base comprised of almost a thousand staff based at multiple centres across the country, each with unique requirements and configurations.

This involved working as part of a small, agile team of developers creating and maintaining all aspects of the system from mainframe data exchange interfaces through to user interfaces and from data entry and retrieval applications through to reporting and batch fulfilment.

Serving as the departmental representative for York IT staff on the company’s Intranet steering group involved identifying opportunities and making design decisions for the Life company’s primary communication channel.

Skill Set:

  • Majority of software development in Centura Team Developer (CTD) and ANSI SQL. Also some development in VBA, COBOL, Java and scripting (Windows & Mainframe). Source code control provided by bespoke internal system.
  • UDB (IBM database) for back end data storage. Significant amount of database design.
  • Technical documentation development - project/work package documents, ERDs and schemas, support documentation, FAQs, data flow diagrams, etc.
  • End user documentation - help files, training guides, diagrams for discussing system changes and requirements
  • Training - sessions for end users and for fellow team members. Ad hoc training for infrastructure support teams.
  • Infoman used for change control and incident/problem management.

  1. General Accident underwent a merger in 1998 and became part of CGU. CGU underwent a merger in 2000 and became part of Norwich Union. 

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