Team Leader

Team Leader


Stephen Millard

May 1, 2003

Norwich Union

Team Leader DAS(Y)

Organisation: Norwich Union Life1

Period: May 2003 - March 2005


Responsible for a team of (Distributed Applications Support (York)) three developers supporting telemarketing Lotus Domino based systems. This included all aspects of design, project management and end user support carried out by the team. Also managed relationships with other teams within the organisation - both technical and end user business.

In the latter part of the period, also responsible for managing a third party team from an off-shore partner. Responsible for the integration of the team and the knowledge sharing to migrate the systems into their custodianship.


Continued an active development role whilst also managing a team of my colleagues. In addition to the development work this role involved the day to day management of staff and a much more in depth management of the relationships and resourcing of the team.

As the team leader was the primary point of contact for all work undertaken by the team and all escalations relating to support and resource issues. Also supported the team in cross-training systems skills to allow for a greater flexibility in resource.

During the period of knowledge transfer for the team’s systems, responsibilities included managing three partner staff. This included keeping them up to date with ongoing work, departmental changes and also rebuilding their knowledge transfer plan into something that was achievable. During the transfer period there was also management of staff who were at risk of redundancy and the development of tailored documentation to match the cultural learning style of the off-shore partners.

Skill Set:

  • Systems design and development. This included client server CTD/UDB development for the telemarketing systems as well as browser and notes client accessible Lotus Domino solutions.
  • Team management and leadership through times of stability, change and uncertainty.
  • Customer relationship management.
  • Work package management.
  • Knowledge transfer (off-shoring) of IT systems.

  1. General Accident underwent a merger in 1998 and became part of CGU. CGU underwent a merger in 2000 and became part of Norwich Union. 

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