Designer & Technical Consultant

Designer & Technical Consultant


Stephen Millard

January 1, 2006

Norwich Union

Finance & Unit Pricing Systems Designer / Technical Consultant (V-Tech Team)

Organisation: Norwich Union Life1

Period: January 2006 - September 2007


Responsible for the design of systems used exclusively by the Norwich Union Life Finance department (including Unit Pricing). Also line management of other design staff within the F&UPS team.

Also carried out a technical consultant role to other teams on matters of design, development and support - particularly with regards to York developed distributed and midrange based systems.

As part of the IT department’s work towards CMMI level 5 also took on additional responsibility for local expertise with regards to the NUL CMMI Technical Process.


Split role as lead designer and technical consultant within the IT department.

The design role primarily consisted of working with both staff in the local team (which included staff from off-shore partners) and with project specific staff (business analysts, project managers, programme managers) to deliver solutions involving finance and/or unit pricing systems.

The technical role was an extension of a previous consultancy role. The team was ‘virtualised’ to be integrated into existing teams, but with an allowance for the members of this ‘virtual team’ to be called upon at any time to provide critical technical expertise to key projects and major support efforts.

The local CMMI Technical Process expertise involved providing training for staff on application of the technical process (the targets and most complex being implemented at that time) to staff and acting as a point of contact for any questions relating to the process. An element of (iterative) development of the process was also involved.

Skill Set:

  • Systems design and documentation (technical and project management based).
  • Client/server and midrange system technical consultancy.
  • Line management.
  • Change, incident and problem management using ITIL framework and Assyst.
  • System databases - SQL, MS SQL Server, UDB, Oracle.
  • Specific technical expertise in - NUL UP systems, NUL finance systems, NUL York distributed systems, distributed/mainframe systems data transfers.

  1. General Accident underwent a merger in 1998 and became part of CGU. CGU underwent a merger in 2000 and became part of Norwich Union. 

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