Facilitating Remote Collaboration

Facilitating Remote Collaboration


Stephen Millard

March 1, 2022


Facilitate Remote Collaboration Like a Pro

Institution: OpenSAP

Issued: 1 March 2022

Certification: PDF


Remote work brings many challenges: endless faceless calls, tedious video conferences, the distractions of everyday life creeping in, and more. Working by ourselves in any empty room, staring at a screen day after day, can deprive us of the meaningful experiences that come with social interaction.

But what if there were ways to use technology to humanize meetings? What if we could structure our remote meetings to reduce fatigue, build empathy, and engage as people?

In this course we’ll share our experiences and knowledge to help better prepare you to hold engaging, human-centric meetings. By applying our recommendations you’ll be able to effectively prepare, plan, host, and finish a remote session, leaving energized, appreciative and, most importantly, connected participants!

You’ll learn how to build empathy even when participants are spread across the globe, determine the best approach for implementing and hosting remote sessions, and discover how to hold meetings when some participants are gathered together in one location.

For sure, technology is a big focus of the course, but “Facilitate Remote Collaboration Like a Pro” puts people at its core.

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