Mathematics & Physics BSc.

Mathematics & Physics BSc.


Stephen Millard

September 1, 1993


Under Graduate

Institution: University of York

Education: BSc. (2.2 hons) Mathematics and Physics

Period: 1993 - 1996


  • Equally proportioned combined maths/physics degree.
  • Studied a range of pure and applied mathematics.
  • Studied a variety of physics courses including lab work and a specialisation in relativistic mechanics.
  • Programming in Fortran 77, C and C++ as well as using a variety of mathematical and physics related software.
  • Final year project - coded a two dimensional Fourier data transform (in C) and a self organising Kohonen map neural network (in C++) to analyse data generated by x-ray diffraction crystallography experiments and identify geometric shapes. Received a first class result for the work and placed second for the university’s Physics department annual Goodwin Prize for final year projects.

Activities & Societies:

  • University of York Jiu Jitsu Club.

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