BTP in a Nutshell

BTP in a Nutshell


Stephen Millard

July 21, 2021


SAP Business Technology Platform in a Nutshell

Institution: OpenSAP

Issued: 21 July 2021

Certification: PDF


Nowadays, it is more important than ever for enterprises to react quickly and flexibly to challenges to be resilient in the market. SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is the foundation for the Intelligent Enterprise and currently encompasses a comprehensive set of on-premise and cloud solutions across database and data management, analytics, application development and integration, and intelligent technologies. By combining SAP’s available technologies in these four market categories, customers can build, integrate, and extend business applications with development agility and speed. SAP BTP envisions to serve as the unified, business-centric and open data and development platform for the entire SAP ecosystem. With unrivaled development efficiency, it empowers SAP developers, customers and partners alike to integrate, create value from data, and extend in SAP landscapes. We will achieve this vision by bringing SAP products such as SAP HANA, SAP HANA Cloud, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP Integration Suite, SAP Extension Suite and SAP Analytics Cloud together with new capabilities (e.g. low-code/no-code, marketplace) in one place for consumption, all built on a stable multi-cloud, multi-runtime foundation.

In this openSAP nutshell course, you’ll get an overview of SAP BTP and gain insights into the platform business in general and SAP’s approach to it. The course elaborates on the main SAP BTP scenarios, and you’ll learn from experts how its capabilities help our customers to overcome challenges and accelerate their move to the cloud. Product demos illustrate the purpose of the platform’s integrated components that empower customers to become intelligent enterprises themselves.

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