Integrated Intelligent Suite

Integrated Intelligent Suite


Stephen Millard

July 20, 2021


SAP Integration Solution Advisory Methodology

Institution: OpenSAP

Issued: 20 July 2021

Certification: PDF


SAP is committed to providing highly efficient and flexible Intelligent Enterprise solutions for its customers. One major element involved in this is integration. This is clearly outlined in the 2020 strategy paper “Intelligent Enterprises are Integrated Enterprises - SAP’s integration plan in the Cloud”.

In this course, you’ll learn about the various aspects of this paper and get information on the next level of detail. After an introduction to the Integrated Intelligent Enterprise, its strategic importance for SAP, and an overview of the end-to-end processes it covers, you’ll learn about suite qualities as targeted solution characteristics. The Business Technology Platform and SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite are presented as well.

This is followed by one week dedicated to the end-to-end processes in detail, and another providing further insights into the suite qualities.

A final week covering specific aspects like SAP One Domain Model, master data integration and master data management, SAP Graph, the SAP Integration Solution Advisory Methodology and the “Guide for the Chief Information Officer” documents concludes the course.

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