The Next Phase of HR

The Next Phase of HR


Stephen Millard

November 4, 2020


Human Experience Management (HXM) - The Next Phase of HR

Institution: OpenSAP

Issued: 4 November 2020

Certification: PDF


Human Experience Management (HXM) represents a major shift in the focus of human resources (HR) that emphasizes aligning company needs and requirements with employee expectations and experiences. This course explains what HXM is, how HXM technology is enabling HR to create more agile, adaptive, and successful companies, and how to effectively apply HXM concepts in organizations.

The course will help you understand the role HXM plays in business performance and why it is more important now than in the past. You’ll see the different elements of HXM and how to utilize them to create more agile, adaptable, and successful companies. Critical concepts that underlie effective design and deployment of HXM solutions at different phases of the employee lifecycle will be explained, and you’ll learn how to incorporate HXM strategies into company operations and build HXM capabilities within an organization.

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